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Watch: Goldberg destroys Rusev and Paul Heyman

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Bill Goldberg returned to the squared circle at Raw on Monday night to hype his upcoming clash with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. For a moment, it looked like Lesnar too will come to the ring as Paul Heyman introduced his fighter to the roaring crowd, but he as lying and that was his first mistake.

Heyman’s mistake of lying followed by taunting Goldberg about the beat down coming his way at Survivor Series, before he mocked the veteran’s son, who Heyman said will be disappointed after his father is “beaten, victimized and conquered” by The Beast.

Minutes later, Rusev came out and provoked Goldberg later. What followed was a treat for all Goldberg fans. For the first time in 12 years, the two-time world champ delivered a jackhammer and a spear in the WWE ring.

Goldberg first destroyed Rusev with a very solid jackhammer before spearing Heyman. Watch the video here.

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