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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 results

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This was the last SmackDown Live PPV before WrestleMania 33. Barring the WWE Intercontinental Championship, all the SmackDown Live title on line. The all-new Elimination Chamber structure saw John Cena defend the WWE Championship, but who survived the Chamber with the title? Let us have a look at the results.

Pre-Show match: Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins:

Needless game to start with, which never interested anyone watching the PPV. A cagey affair with Rawley pushing Hawkins back into the turnbuckle before hitting a running forearm. Rawley then finished the game with a spinning powerslam and gave the viewers a huge sigh of relief.

Winner: Mojo Rawley.

2-on-1 handicap match: Dolph Ziggler vs Apollo Crews and Kalisto:

Dolph Ziggler attacked Kalisto, sending him crashing into the monitor as he made his way to the ring. With Kalisto injured, this match generally turned into a one on one match.

The assault on Kalisto left his partner Apollo Crews furious and he rushed to the ring and tackled Dolph before hitting him with a suplex. Ziggler came back with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker, and followed it up with another Hangman’s Neckbreaker, this time outside the ring.

Dolph ensured supremacy with a jumping elbow drop before locking in a necklock. After a Guillotine drop, Dolph went for a necklock which was turned into a pinning attempt by Crews and Dolph somehow survived.

At the business end of the game, injured Kalisto gained consciousness and distracted Dolph before Crews took advantage and hit him with an Enzeguiri. Kalisto came in and hit Doplh with a spinning headkick before Crews wrapped up the win with a running sitout powerbomb.

Furious with the defeat, Doplh showed his ugly side again and in the post-match beatdown, he wrapped a steel chair around Crews' ankle and stamped on it twice.

Winner: Apollo Crews and Kalisto.

Tag-Team Championship match: American Alpha (C) vs Heath Slater & Rhyno, The Usos, Breezango, The Ascension, The Vaudevillans:

The team of Heath Slater and Rhyno and Breezango start the proceedings. Rhyno eliminates the Breezango by hitting Fandango with a Gore before pinning him.

Breezango’s elimination brought in The Vaudevillains. But even The Vaudevillains failed as they were knocked out by Rhyno and Heath Slater.

The Usos were next. Jey Uso hit Slater with a Samoan Drop and went for the pin, only for Rhyno to break it up. Slater looked to roll Jey Uso up but Jimmy Uso arrived on time and hit him with a Superkick to pin Slater. The team of Rhyno and Heath Slater were eliminated, bringing in the American Alpha.

The brawl was fascinating and reached to a point where it became difficult to predict which team would get the better of the other. Surprisingly, it was American Alpha that emerged victorious.

When Jey Uso tried to roll Jason Jordan up, Gable came and hit him with an incredible pinning combination to eliminate the Usos. But before exiting, the Usos vented out their frustration by whacking Jordan and Gable.

The Ascension came next and with Gable and Jordan lying out, they took full advantage of it. The Ascension hit Jordan with the Fall Of Man but Gable by hook or by crook broke up the pin.

The bout went on and in the end, however the American Alpha hit their Grand Amplitude finisher on Viktor and eliminated the Ascension, retaining the SmackDown Live Tag-Team Championship.

Winner: The American Alpha.

Randy Orton vs Luke Harper:

Probably the best match! After a stunning top rope superplex by Orton, Harper stunned Orton with superkicks in succession but only got a nearfall out of it. Harper then countered a RKO attempt, and smacked Orton with a sitout Powerbomb, only to get another nearfall.

But when Harper went for a spinning lariat, Orton hit a trademark RKO "out of nowhere" to crush him and pin for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton.

Elimination Chamber (WWE Championship): John Cena (C) vs AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt and The Miz:

John Cena and AJ Styles recreated the magic of their Royal Rumble classic as they started off. The two men traded strikes before Cena went for an STF. Styles pushed away Cena, but the latter came up with a series of shoulder tackles before flooring Styles.

As soon as Cena signaled for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, the countdown began for the new entrant and the Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose came in.

Ambrose straightaway pounced on Cena before attacking Styles. Ambrose then hit a release vertical suplex to Styles and Cena with a flying clothesline from top of the pod.

Once again, the Countdown began as Bray Wyatt came in. He first came in and hit Ambrose with a suplex. Cena went for AA to Styles on the steel but Syles reversed before he and Cena climbed the steel chain link, where Styles threw Cena into the mat.

The countdown started again and in came Baron Corbin. Corbin started dominant early on and attacked Ambrose, before hitting him with a Deep Six. Corbin then sent Wyatt face-first into the pod and hit him with a big boot.

Ambrose looked to hit the Dirty Deeds but Corbin broke it. The countdown began again as the Miz came in, but hid inside his pod to distract Corbin. After dominating since entering, Corbin was eliminated by Ambrose.

The elimination didn’t go well with Corbin and he attacked Ambrose, sending him crashing through the pod and hit the End of Days. The referees finally got Corbin out of the ring. Sensing a chance, The Miz pinned Ambrose and eliminated him.

Miz then ran through and tore into Cena and Styles with kicks and gave Wyatt a Skull-Crushing Finale on the steel. However, he was eliminated by Cena with an AA.

Cena then hit Styles with an AA for the nearfall, before hitting Styles and Wyatt with a crossbody from top of the pod. Just when Cena went for an AA to Wyatt, the latter countered into Sister Abigail and pinned Cena.

Just like Wyatt eliminated Cena, he did the same with Styles. When Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm, Wyatt reversed into a Sister Abigail and pinned him to win his first ever WWE Championship.

Winner: New WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt.

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